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    Willie Myette

    Please take a moment to introduce yourself to other students. This forum is public which means anyone can see it. If you would rather have your post hidden, please post in your group forum.

    Here are some questions to get you started:

    1. What is your name and city/state?
    2. How long have you been playing the piano?
    3. What is your favorite music to play?
    4. What are your goals at the piano? Where do you want your playing to go?
    5. Do you play other instruments?
    6. Can you think of a funny or scary piano moment in your life?

    Michèle Kessler

    Hi, my name is Michèle and I live in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Hereafter is how I introduced myself to my Group Coaching.
    I would like to share it with you all.

    Last May, I joined PianoWithWillie and found through Willie’s teaching exactly what I needed. In the past, I tried several times to learn how to play Jazz and Blues, but the methods did not suit me and, most probably, I wasn’t ready to learn… Now, it’s the right time and the right teacher!
    My passion for Jazz and Blues started about 20 years ago, although I grew up in that music thanks to my mom who was a professional Blues singer in the 1940s and 1950s.
    Considering this five-month period, I’m rather confident that in a few years (or more!) I may reach my goals, which are to be able to arrange standards by myself, to learn plenty of them, to be a good improviser, and, what would be fantastic… to be able to participate to jam sessions.
    The piano is my only instrument. Besides, I have been singing in a choir for 10 years.
    A funny moment may have been when I bought my piano, which is an acoustic instrument with a silent system. I was so shy that I couldn’t even try it in the piano shop… I let the seller play so I could hear the piano… I tried it only with the headset! Next time, for sure, I will play!


    Willie Myette

    Great job Michèle and Wiski One for sharing! W1, what was it that needed fixing? That post? If so just email me and I’ll take a look.

    How about posting some video Michèle and W1? I know other students would love to hear you play!


    Michèle Kessler

    Merci, Wiski One!
    It’s always a kind of adventure reading you, with lots of surprises on the way.
    For you not to feel alone… I also check many words in the dictionary!
    I admire your tenacity, which is encouraging, and enjoy so much your happy mood.
    In a very few years, I’ll be retired too. Devoting all my time to music is just what I am looking for.
    Bonne soirée!


    Michèle Kessler

    OK Willie, I’ll post on “Private: Post Your Playing” the videos I shared with the Coaching Group. The song is still in process…


    Russell Skow

    Hi! I am Russell Skow from Shelbyville, Kentucky.

    I have been playing the piano for personal enjoyment for about 30 years. I taught myself how to read music when I was a boy. Now, I use the Scribd app to get my fix on unlimited sheet music for different genres.

    I enjoy playing Classical, Pop, Gospel/Hymns but more than anything I am drawn to the Jazz and Blues sound.

    Very similar to Michele, my general goals are to be able to play from a fake book having my own sound, to be able to confidently improvise and to have a jam session would be incredible. Having learned to be a good sight reader, I now feel handicapped, frozen and at a loss when it comes to improvising. With Willie’s help I am confident I will get there.

    I want my playing to go from relying strictly on sheet music to create sound and improvise to my emotional state (i.e. sad version of My Funny Valentine vs. light and lively version) and to confidently play in front of others.

    Not currently but I have played Trombone and Trumpet in the past.

    Not funny at the time but a bit comical now…spent a whole year practicing and memorizing an 8 page piece way too advanced for me for a competition when I was 13 or 14 (to impress a girl). My mind went totally blank right in the middle, walked back to my seat, grabbed my binder, went back to the piano and started playing right where I left off. That’s when I started playing for personal enjoyment and I realized a teacher is a very important piece to the equation.

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